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Our team has been working diligently to bring some of these tough issues to light so we can start seeing men, women, and marriages heal on a daily basis.

Living Lust-Free is our birthright as Christians. The secular world we live in calls on us to lust daily. God calls us to live a life of sexual integrity - free from lust and sexual sin. This devotional is an invitation for you to start a lust-free lifestyle. You will be equipped with biblical principles that can help you fight and be free from the temptations of lust.

Lust attacks Christians every day. These attacks come in many forms. Lust uses images, entertainment, and social media, but also lies to Christian men to keep them trapped in sin. These lies can grow into future problems. Once you understand lust’s lies, you can have the upper hand to fight lust and win! In this plan, we will expose lust's lies so you can live a lust-free lifestyle.