Most of us cannot really pinpoint a time when we actually learned how to feel or communicate our emotions appropriately. Our culture and our surroundings were telling us that emotions are unimportant.

Human beings have moved on for thousands of years with very little formal training in one of our very core aspects as human beings. In the book Emotional Fitness: From Challenge to Champion in 60 Days, I intend to change that and prepare everyone who is willing to keep reading and do the emotional fitness work to become emotionally fit.

Imagine if when you were asked how you felt, you could intelligently communicate your exact feeling in that moment? Emotional fitness is much like physical fitness. We all have a body, but how many of us can actually say we are physically fit?

Physically fit people have different habits or disciplines than those who are not. First, a physically fit people value physical fitness. Second, they are committed to their value as demonstrated by a measurable set of behaviors. Third, a physically fit person is a result of these activities. They feel more confident, sharper, and more alive than a person who is not physically fit.

The same is true for an emotionally fit person. This person values emotions and is committed to some regimen focused toward getting and staying fit. Like the physically fit person, the emotionally fit person feels more aware, more confident, and more clear about himself and those around him.

This is not the time to worry about how emotionally unfit you may be. I recommend that you read the book, Emotional Fitness: From Challenge to Champion in 60 Days and if you do the work, the changes you experience will amaze you. Think about all the weight loss ads you have seen in the past, the ones that depict the before and after pictures of people who are using their products.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the same physical results of becoming emotionally fit. However, as you become more fit, you will start to notice the blank, dull, disconnectedness in those who are not fit.

I have experienced the contrast between the before and after countless times in my office. After a few sessions, I watch the brightness coming into people’s eyes as they are equipped to become emotionally fit.

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