Sex Addiction Intensive

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You Have Power Over Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction doesn’t have to rule your life. You can overcome your lust, pornography, compulsive sex, anonymous sex, affairs, relationships outside your marriage or love addiction. In the moment, sex addiction may make you feel powerful, good and happy. However, the long-term affects lead to broken relationships, pain, grief and self-loathing.

Sex Addiction Couple’s Intensive

The Couple’s Sex Addiction Intensive is focused on couples who are dealing with sex addiction in their relationship. Often times, the addiction was just discovered and couples come to us for counseling, coping and support. This intensive includes three counseling sessions every day – one counseling session for him, one session for her and one session for both of you as a couple. Your scheduled counselor will work together with you to restore your relationship from the damage that the sex addiction caused and lead you both on the path toward recovery. Our Sex Addiction Intensives help you:

  • Understand the causes of the sex addiction.
  • Address the relationship damage that took place because of the addiction.
  • Gain skills and set goals to successfully remained committed to your relationship.
  • Build trust through your counseling sessions.
  • Opportunities for polygraph testing to verify trust.
  • Reinforce learned anti-addiction concepts with structured assignments and workbooks.
  • Participate in our office Freedom Groups and Partner’s support groups.
  • Start your addiction free life and provide opportunities for follow-up in the future.

A new beginning is possible with the tools attained from this intensive. The 3 and 5 Day Couple’s Sex Addiction Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are scheduled Mondays through Wednesdays and Monday through Fridays.

Call to schedule your Couple’s Sex Addiction Intensive now, 719-278-3708.

Sex Addiction Individual Intensive

The Individual Sex Addiction Intensive is for people who are struggling with sex addiction and want help. Our licensed counselors will focus on solutions during your 3 or 5 day intensive. Each intensive includes three daily, individual sessions with your licensed counselor. We help you recover from your sex addiction by helping you:

  • Discover the origin and causes of your sexual addiction
  • Address the core issues of your sexual addiction.
  • Outline a definitive plan for your successful recovery.
  • Apply anti-addictive thinking to structured assignments.
  • Participate in our office Freedom Groups.
  • Create long-term strategies which will allow you to live addiction free.

Break free from your life of addiction, redeem your life and live free with help from our counselors. The 3 and 5 Day Individual Sexual Addiction Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are scheduled Mondays through Wednesdays and Monday through Fridays.

Schedule Your Sex Addiction Intensive!

Dr. Doug Weiss and our licensed counselors are here to help you with your sex addiction.
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