My Daughter,

I hope my favorite daughter is having the time of her life. You are one special godly girl, and I love you.

Here is something to think about especially when you feel you’re being misunderstood or someone is getting upset with you or someone else. You, me, and Mom are passionate people and as a result, we sometimes react quickly, abruptly, and even before we even fully understand the person or the circumstances.

However, even I have been working for thirty plus years to stay calm. When I stay calm, I don’t allow the other person’s emotions or how they are presenting information decide how I respond. I really get to choose my response.

What I am encouraging you to practice is to stay calm instead of choosing a fight or flight response. These responses may look something like this: “Let me think about it”, “I need time to process or pray about it” or, “Give me 24 hours. I do best after I sleep.” These types of statements let you escape and stay calm instead of engaging in an emotional battle. When I stay calm, and I have done this in parenting you at times, I made wiser and more thoughtful choices, and you usually got to do what you wanted.

Love you much,

An excerpt from Letters to My Daughter

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