My Daughter,

Hope all is well for you. Amazingly since you left to go back to school, the dog is talking a whole lot less. I think he misses his sissy.

Love you. Quick question, what do you look forward to? I mean, throughout your day or week, what gives you pleasure? Once you know this, you can capitalize on what motivates you.

What I would do especially if I had a paper due or a project that wasn’t that exciting, I first pick something I really wanted to do, like a treat of some kind or an activity. Then here’s the trick; I would only do this after I finished my goal of the project or paper.

This would help me get the project done quickly and stay motivated through the project. It’s really important to stay motivated on what you don’t like to do. Life has a lot of “don’t likes” to do, so you get to do what you do like. I might not have liked getting all my degrees, but I do like helping people a lot and being blessed in the process.

So hopefully this can help you as you look at your syllabus and see the assignments that you are not that excited about. Put a star by them and try this.

Love you much,

An excerpt from Letters to My Daughter

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