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Pray for You

Prayer is a very important weapon to have in your arsenal. Prayer has a way of bringing heaven and the atmosphere of the kingdom of God to you on earth. Daily prayer is important for living a lust-free life. This prayer can be easy: “Jesus, I thank you for dying so I can be lust-free…


Willingness Matters

Lust is an enemy and is on the other team. Lust is 100 percent willing to destroy you, get you to waste your life, cause you to not reach your destiny, or create the consequences of sin in your life. In other words, lust is committed to your complete destruction, and the potential to lust…


A Dirty War Declared

There was a day, not so long ago, when men were sexually pure. There was a day when a man gave his word to forsake all others and he did exactly what he said he would do. He would stay married and faithful to the wife God gave to him to cherish. In that day…


Neurological Conditioning

Most of us are familiar with the story of Pavlov’s dog. You may have learned about classic conditioning in Psych 101. You may remember that Pavlov’s dog was given food after a bell was rung. Over a period of time, the dog connected the bell with the food so much, that when the bell would…



My son plays sports. I’ve realized that sports are a good illustration of life in so many ways. Probably the biggest illustration is that if you continue to practice something, you will get better and better at it. Let’s talk about weight lifting. When you start lifting weights, you choose a light weight. As you…

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Beginning of a Long Journey

I believe we are in the early stages of understanding sex addiction in our culture. In one television studio audience where I was a guest, when asked if they had heard of sex addiction, 25 percent of the people raised their hands. At a speaking engagement in a major university, I asked how many had…

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My Life as an Addiction Counselor

In more than twenty years of counseling, I have found one thing to be true: life can be hard. I know, because I see “difficult” walk through my door every day. I see men who have allowed their lives to spiral out of control, and as they hit rock bottom, they become desperate for help….



Owning is a concept where you must realize where you are currently before you start on a journey to where you are going. Lust is real and most of us have participated in lust at some point in our lives. Lust has given us the choice to consume a woman’s beauty and body like a…


More is Better

Lust is an absolute liar! It is conniving and out to destroy you, your family and your legacy. The first lie I want to uncover is the concept of “more is better.” Lust tells you that if you have more: more money, more toys, more real or virtual body parts to look at, and more…