Are They Addicted?


I have worked with addicts, of various kinds, for almost thirty years. Addicts effect everyone they are in relationship with. The issue of it they are addicted will come up for the spouse, family members, friends, co workers, etc..

Those who struggle with addictions have some common features regardless of what they are addicted to. Porn, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, food, etc. As you read the below list of characteristics if you check off more than a few you are probably addicted in some way or in relationships with an addict.

  1.  Have they made promises and failed?
  2.  Have they faced harmful consequences for the addiction behavior yet continue?
  3.  Do they show escalated use or practice of the addiction?
  4.  Have their vocations or relationships have suffered?
  5.  Do they show an increased tolerance of the behavior or drug?
  6.  Do they express denial, minimization, rationalization or anger when confronted about the addiction?
  7.  Is their addiction is often a secret?
  8.  Do they spend more time, energy or money on engaging in the addiction?
  9.  Do they experience a sense of withdrawal if they are kept from the addictive behavior?

If you are addicted or in a relationship with an addict I would suggest:

  1. Get informed about addiction
  2. Seek out support groups for their specific addiction
  3. Seek counseling or a therapist from one specialized in treating their specific addiction.

Next Steps

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  • Ari Cuadra

    As a recovering sex addict, I can attest pron and sex addiction is real, its harmful and very difficult to overcome. The need to heal our mind, heart and soul is key ~ i’d say that, as they say, half measures availed us nothing.
    I’ve written a short book available free on Amazon, hope this helps:


    Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. As the Executive Director at Heart to Heart Counseling Center, Dr. Douglas Weiss has been successfully counseling hurting hearts and relationships for more than 20 years.