The Ashley Madison Antidote
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In recent days, reports have been coming out about celebrities, everyday people, and even Christian reality star Josh Duggar using the Ashley Madison website to cheat on their spouses. Duggan reportedly paid almost $1000 for two different subscriptions to the site between February 2013 and May 2015. What is the antidote to sites like Ashley

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6 Types of Cheaters
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I count myself very fortunate to be able to do what I do. Day after day, people open up their lives, hearts and processes to me. I have learned volumes from my clients. In my office, honesty is critical for the miracle of recovery to happen. Without honesty, the person addicted to adultery is doomed,

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Effects on the spouse
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effects on the spouse

When a man chooses an unclean lifestyle of secret lust, pornography, or other sexually inappropriate behaviors he might think that what his wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Nothing is further from the truth. As Christians, we believe when we get married, two become one. God’s final creation in the garden was marriage. Yet our

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6 Types of Sex Addicts
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It’s been more than 20 years ago now since I have treated my first sex addicted client. In the early years many paradigms of understanding and treating sex addicts were the best guess at the time. As a field we have grown considerably. As a clinician and now a psychologist, I have looked into the

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Marital Kryptonite #3 Addictions
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marital kryptonite Addictions

Clem and Marta were happily married for more than thirty years. They had raised their children and enjoyed a pretty affluent lifestyle. Marta believed everything was going great until the day she received “the call.” Marta’s car needed to go to the dealer for something and Clem said he would take care of it. Marta

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How to Quit Porn
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The first part to quitting porn is you really have to want to quit.  You need to be sick and tired of porn and the sickness that it causes you in order to quit.  If you are not committed, you will only be quitting until the next time you look.  Deep inside you have to

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Sexual Success
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sexual success

While assisting men over the last fifteen years to become sexually successful, I have found that there are four major roadblocks that keep them from having true sexual success.  Below I will detail these roadblocks to sexual success. If you believe that one of these roadblocks is keeping you from the best sex of your

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Are the lies of worthlessness nagging your soul?

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Part Three

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Top 5 Tips to Help Maintain Sexual Integrity

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Joy and Patience

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Love

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