Servant Marriage
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Servant Marriage is a response to the calling we all already received the moment we said, “I do.”  All the courting, dating, emotional intimacy, quality time, and resources culminated into the primary lifelong relationship we call marriage. For some, years or decades may have passed since they received their calling to be married to the

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Living a forgiveness lifestyle
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All of us make some mistakes, after all, that is part of the journey of life. When we think of forgiveness we often think about how others have made mistakes against us. But too often we neglect the mistakes or sins we have committed against others or ourselves. Sinning against ourselves can also cause us

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Protect the Miracle
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Instinctively when you hold your first born child you immediately realize two things. First, you realize that you are holding a miracle you did not create but God did. Secondly, you are keenly aware that this miracle needs to be protected by you. I have been counseling couples for more than twenty years and I

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Get Fit for Sex
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I’ll never forget football practice. The coach would have us do leg stretches until we complained. Then we did the abdominal crunches, the lunges and the endless running around the football field. Then he came up with any additional number of drills to continue to get us “in shape” to play the game. This practicing

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Touch Deprivation in Marriage
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Touch deprivation is real and active today in Christian marriages. For some couples the only time they touch is during sex. How sad, we have such great bodies from God to enjoy with each other. Touch is a great way to express intimacy. You might have heard it said that your skin is your largest

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Does Your Spouse Have Intimacy Anorexia?
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Excitement fills your heart when you prepare to marry the one you love. Maybe you fantasized about the many happy and blissful years to come, or dreamed of the backyard barbecues, annual vacations, or simple cozy movie nights you would one day share with your significant other. However, most engaged or newly married couples tend to

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Upgrade Your Sex Life
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If you’re having sex, why not making it amazing? Once you know your partners sex language and they know yours your sex life will grow and keep growing, says Douglas Weiss Ph.D., author of 5 Sex Languages. Most couples think that everyone wants and desires sex the way you do. You project what you like

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How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps
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As a couple, prayer is an absolute necessity to have active in your marriage.  I am constantly amazed when couples state that they last time they really prayed together was years ago.  Usually that rationale goes something like this, “we both pray, just not together.” Prayer is an active way to have the Lord be

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Emotional Based Marriage
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Something I have repeatedly seen sabotage a couple’s intimacy and I call it the “emotion-based marriage.”  These marriages are characterized by chaos, lack of follow through and multiple inconsistencies in several areas of the marriage including the disciplines in raising children. There are two types of an emotion-based marriage.  The first is what I call

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Abandonment is a form of emotional abuse. Meet another couple—Marty and Charise. Marty and Charise were in their late twenties. Marty was in the ministry and loved it. Charise was an elementary schoolteacher. They were a delightful couple to everyone who knew them. They had two children, a boy and a girl. Marty’s “crack” began

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Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. As the Executive Director at Heart to Heart Counseling Center, Dr. Douglas Weiss has been successfully counseling hurting hearts and relationships for more than 20 years.



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