How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps
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It’s possible to improve your marriage and make it stronger with three simple daily steps. Step #1 – Prayer As a couple, prayer is an absolute necessity to have active in your marriage. I am constantly amazed when couples state that the last time they really prayed together was years ago. Usually that rationale goes

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Why Won’t They Love Me?
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Again, another nice couple walks into my office. They are both professionals, attractive, intelligent, have two children and look pretty normal. The problem is that they are living a different life than they portray on the outside. Their secret is that they are not loved by each other. The secret life we are talking about

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It’s not Your Fault
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Say these words aloud with me: “It’s not my fault.”  Take these words in.  Really take them in.  Then, take the deepest sigh of relief you’ve ever taken.   You are not in any way responsible for the fact that your spouse chose to be an intimacy anorexic. For as long as you can remember,

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Sexless Marriage
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Does Your Spouse Have Intimacy Anorexia?
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Excitement fills your heart when you prepare to marry the one you love. Maybe you fantasized about the many happy and blissful years to come, or dreamed of the backyard barbecues, annual vacations, or simple cozy movie nights you would one day share with your significant other. However, most engaged or newly married couples tend to

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Marital Kryptonite #4 Intimacy Anorexia
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In seeing couples for over eighteen years, fairly regularly I met with clients who aggressively avoided intimacy. Over time I put a cluster of symptoms together and in our field of recovery this condition became known as intimacy anorexia. Tonya was a very athletic woman who was married to Tim for seventeen years. They had

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The Silent Cancer of Marriage
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Marriages are often destroyed by adultery, alcoholism, sexual addiction, and other severe life events. Although extremely devastating, the end of these marriages makes some logical sense. What many people do not know, is the Intimacy Anorexic marriage slowly dies, even though the marriage may look good on the outside for decades.  The couple keeps busy raising their family, working

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Becoming a Sexually Successful Man

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Why is he so immature?

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How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps

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When the Devil Talks About Your Wife

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A Porn Free Staff

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