A Clear Head in Bed
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The issue of “fantasy” came up recently during a conversation with a Christian man that I know well. To most men, I suppose this might seem like a peculiar thing to talk about, however in my case as a sex expert, this actually happens quite frequently. My friend talked about having the usual struggles that

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Believing Behavior
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Unfortunately, sexual addiction is growing rampantly across our nation. Men are viewing porn at greater rates than at any other time in history. The effect on our culture because of this growing epidemic of sexual addiction is immeasurable. The silent pain that partners of sex addicts experience day after day, because of their addiction has

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Called to Marriage
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When you hear a young man or woman say, “I’m called,” what images come to your mind? Probably several. You might think of the person who goes down to the altar of your church and feels at a very deep level that they are “called” to be a missionary, preacher, or teacher. When they “receive

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Becoming a Sexually Successful Man

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Why is he so immature?

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How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps

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When the Devil Talks About Your Wife

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A Porn Free Staff

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