Five Commandments of Recovery
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There are some basic principles that can help sustain your recovery from addiction. Early recovery is not simply understanding the facts, nor is it simply talking about addiction. Recovery goes much deeper than talking about what was done in the past. Let’s discuss what I call the Five Commandments of Recovery. These five commandments are

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Become Emotionally Fit
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Most of us cannot really pinpoint a time when we actually learned how to feel or communicate our emotions appropriately. Our culture and our surroundings were telling us that emotions are unimportant. Human beings have moved on for thousands of years with very little formal training in one of our very core aspects as human

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Low Self Esteem in Partners
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Low self-esteem is an issue for many partners of sex addicts. The clinical community has agonized over this issue for more than a decade. It is common for clinicians to hear statements from partners of sex addicts reflecting their low self-esteem. Some of these statements are printed below. • Who will love me now? •

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Living a forgiveness lifestyle
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All of us make some mistakes, after all, that is part of the journey of life. When we think of forgiveness we often think about how others have made mistakes against us. But too often we neglect the mistakes or sins we have committed against others or ourselves. Sinning against ourselves can also cause us

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Protect the Miracle
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Instinctively when you hold your first born child you immediately realize two things. First, you realize that you are holding a miracle you did not create but God did. Secondly, you are keenly aware that this miracle needs to be protected by you. I have been counseling couples for more than twenty years and I

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A Porn Free Staff
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Porn is probably the fastest growing problem in the church.  When speaking at conferences, I have found that more than fifty percent of the men attending will admit to being addicted, not struggling, but addicted to pornography.  What about the church staff?  Many church staff members were also raised sexually by Playboy, the Internet, and

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Becoming a Sexually Successful Man

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Why is he so immature?

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How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps

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When the Devil Talks About Your Wife

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A Porn Free Staff

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