Believing Behavior
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Sexual addiction is growing rampantly across our nation. Men are viewing porn at greater rates than at any other time in history. The effect on our culture because of this growing epidemic of sexual addiction is immeasurable. The silent pain that partners of sex addicts experience day after day because of his addiction has not

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Living Clean, Staying Clean: A Spiritual Message to Fathers
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Southern Baptist men are great at leaving legacies.  I know this is true because I graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where legacies are lived out every day. What about you? Are you leaving generational legacies for your sons to follow? If so, what kind? A clean life is caught as well as taught to

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What Type of #SexAddict are you?
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  It’s been more than 20 years ago now since I have treated my first sex addicted client. In the early years many paradigms of understanding and treating sex addicts were the best guess at the time. As a field we have grown considerably. As a clinician and now a psychologist, I have looked into

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Get Fit for Sex
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I’ll never forget football practice. The coach would have us do leg stretches until we complained. Then we did the abdominal crunches, the lunges and the endless running around the football field. Then he came up with any additional number of drills to continue to get us “in shape” to play the game. This practicing

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Tips on Overcoming Lust
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I n a book I wrote several years ago called 101 Freedom Exercises: A Christian Guide for Sexual Addiction Recovery, I outline several exercises to help men get and stay free from lust. The following is a summarization of some of these exercises, as well as a few more I have learned along the way.

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Sexless Marriage
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Touch Deprivation in Marriage
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Touch deprivation is real and active today in Christian marriages. For some couples the only time they touch is during sex. How sad, we have such great bodies from God to enjoy with each other. Touch is a great way to express intimacy. You might have heard it said that your skin is your largest

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Are They Addicted?
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I have worked with addicts, of various kinds, for almost thirty years. Addicts effect everyone they are in relationship with. The issue of it they are addicted will come up for the spouse, family members, friends, co workers, etc.. Those who struggle with addictions have some common features regardless of what they are addicted to.

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Does Your Spouse Have Intimacy Anorexia?
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Excitement fills your heart when you prepare to marry the one you love. Maybe you fantasized about the many happy and blissful years to come, or dreamed of the backyard barbecues, annual vacations, or simple cozy movie nights you would one day share with your significant other. However, most engaged or newly married couples tend to

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Becoming a Sexually Successful Man

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Why is he so immature?

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How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps

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When the Devil Talks About Your Wife

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A Porn Free Staff

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