Upgrade Your Sex Life
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If you’re having sex, why not making it amazing? Once you know your partners sex language and they know yours your sex life will grow and keep growing, says Douglas Weiss Ph.D., author of 5 Sex Languages. Most couples think that everyone wants and desires sex the way you do. You project what you like

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How to Make your Marriage Stronger in 3 Daily Steps
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As a couple, prayer is an absolute necessity to have active in your marriage.  I am constantly amazed when couples state that they last time they really prayed together was years ago.  Usually that rationale goes something like this, “we both pray, just not together.” Prayer is an active way to have the Lord be

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Emotional Based Marriage
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Something I have repeatedly seen sabotage a couple’s intimacy and I call it the “emotion-based marriage.”  These marriages are characterized by chaos, lack of follow through and multiple inconsistencies in several areas of the marriage including the disciplines in raising children. There are two types of an emotion-based marriage.  The first is what I call

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Fighting for Your Sex
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Hi, my name is Doug. I’m nineteen. I am a new Christian and a sex addict who never knew his biological father. My mother placed me in foster homes when I was little, though later, when she removed me from the homes to live with her, she gave me a book on sex containing pictures

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How to Quit Porn
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The first part to quitting porn is you really have to want to quit. You need to be sick and tired of porn and the sickness that it causes you in order to quit. If you are not committed, you will only be quitting until the next time you look. Deep inside you have to

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True Voyeurism
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American men have been dumbed down in many ways by the mainstream media. For instance, do we really need to see women’s bodies to sell everything from toothpaste to tires? How ignorant do they believe American men are that they would want to view this type of vulgarity to buy a tire? The voyeuring of

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Accountability to My Wife?
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Steve came into our counseling office because he had a secret world of pornography, masturbation and there was probably more that he wasn’t admitting to. He got caught for the third time by his wife. He came to the first counseling session with one major question on his mind. No, it wasn’t, “How do I

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Are the lies of worthlessness nagging your soul?

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Part Three

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Top 5 Tips to Help Maintain Sexual Integrity

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Joy and Patience

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Love

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