How to Cope with Conflict in Marriage
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When you get married, you become a unit—you become “one.” This is not an easy process. It takes yelling, silence, long talks, nights sleeping on the sofa, and feelings of under-appreciation. But when you get to the other side, you will have built a strong, beautiful marriage. Today, I want to provide some tips on

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Understanding Your Spouse
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If a husband and wife are unable to understand each other, they will have significantly greater challenges, conflicts, escalated conversations, and unmet needs in their marriage. In a servant marriage, it is very important that both husband and wife have the skill of really understanding each other. How can you truly serve someone if you

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The War of Love
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It needs to be said that no relationship is perfect. You and your spouse can be together for six months, six years, or sixty years, and there will be aspects of your marriage that you will both need to work on. Relationships are work and are meant to change you towards being a better person.

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The Perimeter: Children, Money, and the Servant Marriage
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Every person, man or woman, has a perimeter, a sphere of influence. It demands a portion of your life’s energy to maintain it, and you must consistently ask yourself, what falls within my perimeter? In working with couples at all stages of their journey toward a servant marriage, it is clear that, above all, love

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The Qualities of Marriage
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      Couples who cherish their marriage like a special, remarkable gift have a different set of core beliefs about marriage than those who take it for granted. Sit down with your spouse, and write down ten amazing qualities about each other. Then write ten qualities about yourself that could use some work. Don’t

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Are the lies of worthlessness nagging your soul?

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Part Three

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Top 5 Tips to Help Maintain Sexual Integrity

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Joy and Patience

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Fruits of the Spirit in Marriage – Love

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