One Minute Turnaround- A Marriage Exercise
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one minute turnaround

I remember distinctly a spouse attack I had one day. It occurred over fifteen years ago when Lisa and I lived in Texas. I was driving home from work. I was only a few miles from home when all of a sudden every negative thought and feeling possible about my precious Lisa started hitting me.

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What I Learned-A Marriage Exercise
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what i learned

I am sure you have heard someone say, “I learn something new every day.” I know this is absolutely true if you are living with an open heart. Life is constantly throwing us challenges, experiences, relationships, and changes in relationships that give us great opportunities to learn. If you and your spouse are learning daily,

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Grateful Statements- A Marriage Exercise
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To have a positive marriage, you have to plant positive seeds. I am always amazed, especially at couples in the community of faith, who understand the concept of reaping and sowing yet never apply it in marriage. The fact is, if you sow only negative seeds, you will eventually get a negative harvest. Gratefulness is

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#136 Letter to My Daughter
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My Daughter, Hope all is well for you.  Amazingly since you left to go back to school, the dog is talking a whole lot less.  I think he misses his sissy. Love you.  Quick question, what do you look forward to?  I mean, throughout your day or week, what gives you pleasure?  Once you know

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The Two E’s
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the two es

This is a fun exercise to help spouses interact more meaningfully at the end of the day. Often spouses are separated for many hours daily. During these hours your spouse can experience a myriad of thoughts, feelings, circumstances, and interactions. You know how it can be after you both finally get back together after a

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Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. As the Executive Director at Heart to Heart Counseling Center, Dr. Douglas Weiss has been successfully counseling hurting hearts and relationships for more than 20 years.




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